Say hello to NoReservations Viable Capital. As socially and capitalistically engaged entrepreneurs, we lead with reason, knowledge, and science—not with hypes and management illusions.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grab a fork.

It may sound all tree-huggy, but it turns out culture matters. A lot.

So we tried to capture ours.


Notes on our weird & wonderful NoReservations culture

Together, we’ve all somehow created a really… interesting place to work.


So this is an attempt to write down the puzzling process that turns:

a developing firm

a thought fridge of concepts and ideas

a line-up of opportunities

an immense urge to get started

into a living, growing, somehow thriving firm.

We think we’re doing something unique here. Something meaningful.

Not every day. Some days suck. Some days we let ourselves down, betraying the values we’re so proud of. Some days we cut corners or snipe about a colleague or leave our tea bags in the sink for Brennan to photograph.

But the important thing is that we’re trying to do something special. To build a company that’s worthy of all the smart, talented, fun, funny, committed people we’ve managed to attract.

Each of us is pouring something invaluable into this place. We’re dedicating the prime years of our careers. We’re giving our time, our energy, and our absolute best. We’re dragging our sorry asses in on the worst days and skipping showers, breakfast, and even that lovely morning kiss on the good ones.

It’s important to know that the thing we’re putting our whole selves into is worthy of that investment. That it’s not just a wish.

Not every firm is the same. A culture is a tangible thing. A good one is a rare treasure, worth nurturing.

We take care of ours.

A quiet word about hypocrisy

Writing this stuff down is dangerous. It opens us up to accusations of hypocrisy every time we fail to practice what we preach.

But we’re not hypocrites, we’re humans.
The things we’re talking about here happen when we’re our best selves. But most of us are our best selves.. what, maybe 62.8% of the time, if we’re lucky?

So, yes, despite the goals, principles, and high standards that have been set or discussed, it is anticipated that we will not fully achieve or live up to them.

That’s called failing.

But failure doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our principles. Just that we fell short this time.

It’s important to forgive ourselves and each other when we aren’t living up to our values.

But it’s just as important to remind ourselves about those values; to keep each other honest without being preachy or scolding.

Gladly we’ll weekly mostly hit our ‘best selves’ target, say, 92.8825% of the time.

That’d be a great week.


The NoReservations Experiment

It’s easy to think of a business as something someone designs and builds for other people to come in and inhabit.

NRVC never happened that way.

NRVC is a continuous experiment. We initiated with contrarian theories and non-standard management philosophies, and it evolves dynamically as we progress. Commencing with unconventional theories and management philosophies, we iterate, pivoting as necessary. Through meticulous analysis and synthesis, we blend diverse models, ensuring each integration enhances the collective framework, driving holistic improvement.

By deliberately building a transnational, multi-dimensional company acquisition firm that scews business in multiple way’s. we’re pioneering all sorts of things at once.

Inventing what we should be and do.

Inventing what hugge impact means for our people, investors, and all stakeholders.

Bringing in methods and people we think will be right for each discipline.

All this is more than just the result of doing something that hasn’t been done before.

It’s also a critical part of who we are.

Knowing exactly where you’re going is reassuring.

Not knowing is exciting.

Following a proven template is safe. Making one up is interesting. constantly developing a new mindset with new toolsets

Trying something we believe might work is scary as heck.

Doing useful effective, exciting, interesting, scary things is our way of fun and necessity.


Though confined to our local corner of the world, our participation in this experiment feels grand in scale.


culture maze

Putting the ‘up’ in ‘fuck-up’

Every single thing we do is an opportunity to learn.

Every project for every investor.
Every new strategy tactic or format.
Every piece of content.
Every new process.

When that’s true, even screwing up has an upside.

When learning is one of your main goals, total failure is impossible.

(That partial failure can be a bitch, though).


Here’s to the comfort zone

The comfort zone has an undeserved bad reputation. As if it’s just a place for lazy people. But it’s nice to have a comfort zone.
It’s necessary.

Being in a place where we know exactly what we’re doing gives us confidence. And we can take that confidence with us when we leave the comfort zone and explore places we haven’t been before. If we get lost or scared, or if we fail, we know we can always go back to the safe place. The place where we know what we’re doing.

We’re glad to have a comfort zone and we’re happy to make it bigger and comfier all the time.
To buy new sofas and rugs for it.
To stock the fridge.

We love our comfort zone.
We just don’t want to live there all the time.


We keep meetings short and simple
The point of all this is sitting next to you.

We’re a diverse bunch of people.
We’re motivated by shared visions and different things.
Some of us are here to screw business as usual.
For others, it’s all about making ideas come to life.
Others are in it for the learning, the growth.
But, whatever brought us here, there’s a single, simple thing that keeps us here.
That keeps us giving our whole selves to this work.
That keeps us at the desk when we should probably head home.
That drags us back to solution 8 when solution 4 was just fine.

The thing that powers this place is quite simple:
It’s not our investors.
It’s not money.
It’s not awards.
It’s each other.
Her, him, them, and you.

Turns out, that’s everything.

The elements of our culture